Join Michael Sandler for an Intensive
Catapult Your Career Workshop Live Online

Routines, Ritual, and Alchemy to Catapult Your Career!

A super-high level Mini-Mastermind to uplevel your career & business, find direction and multiply your income!

Limited to 50 high-level fliers who want to come together as a mastermind and uplevel everything!

If you’re looking to switch careers, find a new job, or uplevel your existing career and business–as Jessica and Michael continuously do, then this class is for you.

We'll help build the structure and routine you need to get ahead, plus teach you "alchemy" how to switch the energy inside and outside of you, to help you leap forward.

In essence, we’ll be looking at the alchemy of career success.

How you can transform the energy of the swirling time, both inside and outside of yourself to give you greater direction, help you find your north star, and point your way to your dreams!

This could mean a new job, a better job, or transforming your relationship with your current job (ie higher pay for instance).

We’ll look at moving past blocks, and wounds, and walls that are holding you back, and how to rewire the subconscious for greater career success. We'll also look at clear action steps you can take to secure a new job or contract or negotiate higher pay (yes even now!). Of course, we’re going to help you dream big, and attract yourself to your greatest future, one that’s already waiting for you!

This online workshop is one of the most powerful we've ever offered. This series includes 4 livestream sessions over 4 consecutive Wednesdays, interactive audience Q&A where you have the opportunity to ask questions directly to Michael Sandler, a private discussion forum for course members, full video replays, downloadable audio files, written transcripts of every session and a private members area to store everything neatly for you for lifetime access.


The Next Catapult Your Career Mini-Masterclass Starts...

Wednesday, Aug 19th, 2020

US & Canada: 
2pm EDT / 1pm CDT / 12pm MDT / 11am PDT
7pm BST
Western Europe:
 8pm CEST

Sessions take place Aug 19th and 26th, Sept 2nd and Sept 9th. Join via computer, tablet, smartphone or dial-in via traditional phone. Replays are made available quickly, always before the next session takes place so you can revisit any parts you like before the next class.

We invite you to join us and experience the very latest teaching from Michael Sandler!









Space is limited, reserve my spot!

Hello Bright and Shiny Beacon of Light!

Because people have been struggling with career challenges, losing jobs, or not being sure how to pivot their business due to the current world situation, we've wanted to do our best to provide a virtual forum for an intimate group of students. This is in-depth journey examining your relationship with your work (plus income) through a 4-afternoon Intensive Workshop that we're calling "Catapult Your Career".  

We began holding these 4 week intensives during covid-19 and have had exceptionally positive responses. This is always an exciting time, as we respond to people's needs in a live setting with a supportive community around you that you can discuss the teachings with. It also provides a rare opportunity to ask me questions about the teachings and get direct answers live.  These intensive workshops have filled up very quickly. I hope that you will consider joining us for this next one. You can read what others thought of their experience in our first intensive workshop at the bottom of this page. Keep shining bright!

Michael, Jessica and your newfound family 

Catapult my career!

This Mini-Masterclass includes...

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Big picture...

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Over 6 Hours of Live Coaching with Michael Sandler!

Together, we’ll help you see the possibilities and understand the reinvention possible during this challenging time.

We’ll look at each aspect of your career, where you're at, where you want to go, and any lurking beliefs residing in-between

We’ll bring a laser-like focus to possibilities and help you dream beyond the limitations of your mind.

Or in essence, help you get out of the box, and beyond the limiting beliefs that have always held you back. 

On top of that, you'll be able to ask and get your questions answered, live--in essence, it's like group coaching, but at a fraction of the price (it's usually 100x or more the cost!)

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Weekly Step-by-Step Program

While there’s never been a better time to pivot and change your career trajectory or business, there’s also never been a better time to feel completely overwhelmed and stuck.

But it doesn't have to be this way--we can use the energy of this time to make massive gains!

We’ll help give you the tools and the daily structure and routine to step forward, make progress, and gain momentum, without having to fight against the flow.

In essence, by giving you the structure you need, you’ll be able to make gains “kind-gentle-easy-good” as I like to say, without overwhelm, without confusion, and without heavy inertia.

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Group-Intention Meditations and Clearing Sessions

These sessions and meditations are incredibly powerful...10x, even 100x or more regular meditations, because we're harnessing the power of the group.

Prepare to remove blocks fast!

Group meditations have been scientifically proven to change your energetic state, quiet your mind, and help permanently change your brain-wave patterns. In essence hard-wiring in positivity.

And as Lynne McTaggart showed with her "power of 8" meditations, group-intentions have the ability to shift our lives, the planet, and literally create miracles!!!

And you will leave feeling incredible: blissed out, at peace, completely re-invigorated, and with your fear left behind!!

Each day we'll end class with guided meditations--live with me.

Catapult my Career!

Glowing Responses from Mini-Masterclass Students

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Shawnita G.

Oh my gosh I loved the class! I’ve actually exceeded my goal for income this month by over a thousand already! I’m just saying, It’s working! 🥰 it works! I ALWAYS give thanks every time I deposit, or buy food or pay for anything and I thank money when I can pay my bills or help others out so I know I am blessed. Thank you so much for existing Michael!

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Amen Zemichael

Michael my heart is full listening to you answering my questions. I think I am starting to see my life purpose going in the right direction. The guidance you give to each and everyone of us is helping us as a collective. Michael and Jessica, I can’t thank you enough. I’m just lucky to know you guys and to experience this amazing time. God bless you. Love you very much!!!!!