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About Us

Your Instructor: Michael Sandler

As someone who's had two NDE's I understand the importance of living in the moment, and getting guidance from the inside. I've been coaching for nearly 20 years, and less than three years ago my wife and I were guided to start the Inspire Nation Show, now one of the top 10 self-help and spirituality shows in the world! I consider myself extremely fortunate to speak with the greatest spiritual masters and intellectual minds on the planet, read a self-help book daily, and use this wisdom to help guide my audience and clients to truly shine bright!



Why we started Inspire Nation University

With nearly a guest a day, I've interviewed over 600 of the top minds in the world, read even more books and coached thousands around the world. So my cup is overflowing with many of the best tools and tips to transform people's lives. I've wanted to reach and teach on a global scale, but needed a vehicle to do so. And that's where Inspire Nation University comes in. It's my way to break down information into step-by-step, easy-to-follow systems approach, that anyone can follow to help you dive deep, get inner wisdom, and truly transform your life!


Why Inspire Nation University online courses transform lives

I've been incredibly luck to work and learn from the greatest minds in the world. Then I've taken their best tools and tried them out (I'm a tinkerer!), first on myself, and then with my coaching clients. So I've learned what works, what doesn't, and the fastest ways to get you where you want to go! I'm also fairly unique in that I operate in two worlds, having both a deep spiritual practice, and a highly intellectual mind. So in essence what you get will be both spiritual AND pragmatic in nature :O) and will truly transform your life--body, mind and soul! 


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