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What's in it for you?

  1. Become a manifestation expert! Classical teachings from the great Law of Attraction masters, broken down into easily digestible bites - you'll become a quick expert at their work and how to manifest!
  2. Learn "real world" techniques! Teachings modernized and upgraded for the current state of the world, technology, and energies all around - so you can apply their techniques for "the real world"!
  3. Easy-to-follow action plan  Takes the guesswork out of things! Clear acton steps to take every week, so you make progress towards your goals.
  4. Learn POWERFUL energy shifting exercises! No matter the expert or the teaching, it all relies on one thing, high-level energy for powerful results. And in this program, you'll get the tools and techniques to get in this high-flying state fast!
  5. Find your path! All of the masters help you find your purpose, path and direction, and this program helps distill this to its essence, helping you more quickly and easily, find your target, your goal, and your way!

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8:30pm EDT, 7:30pm CDT, 6:30pm MDT, 5:30pm PDT

Turn your journaling into channeling with the Automatic Writing Experience!

During this LIVE Zoom call, Michael & Jessica will review the basics of Automatic Writing. This is your chance to ask your AWE questions live!

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Automatic Writing is a powerful tool and Michael & Jessica will explain how their lives were transformed, as well as the lives of thousands of others, by using Automatic Writing every day.  

If you've wanted to learn how to connect with your Guides, Angels, loved ones or your own Higher Wisdom, the Automatic Writing Experience will help you to do that.

We have guidance available to us 24/7 and each and every one of us can learn how to connect to it!

Manifestation Mastery Circle

Manifestation Mastery Circle!
An on-going series with a new focus every month

Classical teachings from the great Law of Attraction masters, broken down into easily digestible bites - you'll become a quick expert at their work and how to manifest!

Each month we cover teachings from another classical New Thought author from Napoleon Hill to Neville Goddard to Florence Scovel Shinn and many more! 

Meets 4 Wednesday evenings every month.

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Foundational Courses

If you are seeking the highest guidance, direction and wisdom to take your journey to the next level, we recommend these 3 foundational courses. These courses are designed to provide your spiritual journey with practical tools, ritual and structure.

AWE (The Automatic Writing Experience)

Michael Sandler's #1 tool he teaches all of his coaching clients to gain guidance & direction. He and his wife, Jessica practice AWE on a daily basis. 

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The Magical Morning Routine for Busy Spiritual Seekers!

Spring-board success through a powerful morning routine! Michael's unique program to create a balanced work, home, and spiritual life, starting bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

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The Magical Evening Routine for Slumbery Spiritual Seekers!

The secret to more peace and getting things done always comes from the night before. Find out how to get your greatest night's sleep ever and wake up energized & refreshed!

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Michael Sandler

Michael Sandler is an inspirational author, motivational speaker, transformational coach of nearly 30 years and hosts Inspire Nation Show, one of the world's most popular spiritual self help podcasts and youtube channels. Together, with his wife Jessica Lee, their mission is to help the world shine brighter and bring a lot more WOOHOO to everyone's day!


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