We'll Get You Out of a Funk - Fast!!!

It's all-too-easy to feel stuck, down, depressed, or overwhelmed today, mired in negativity, and unable to get going. Particularly with all the negative news today!!!

But it doesn't have to be that way!

With this (pre-recorded) introductory Open-Hearted Warrior Bootcamp, we'll help you flip that negativity right on its head! You'll get unstuck, move past fear, and rediscover the bright-and-shiny positive you that's been waiting to come back out!


7 classes for ONLY 7 dollars!

This is a pre-recorded high energy group-coaching class, recorded live that has changed hundreds of lives!!!

It's step-by-step, incredibly easy-to-follow approach is designed to create a lasting positive state change FAST!

That's why it's called a bootcamp! Watch 1 video a day, and in 7days, change your life!

You'll find your energy through the roof, your heart opening up, and your vibration higher than it's perhaps ever been before–that's the number 1 focus, taking you from in a funk, to funky-town :D

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In this Open Hearted Warrior Bootcamp, designed to help you get out of a funk fast, you get key exercises to raise your vibration, move past subconscious blocks and incredible live guided meditations to raise your vibration, quiet your mind and help your spirits soar!


Hello Bright and Shiny Beacon of Light!

Almost everyone's struggling today, even those closest to me. We fall overwhelmed, bombarded with negativity, and have no idea where to turn to get out of a funk.

That's why I wanted to make this program.

So if you want to get out of a funk, shift your life, and surf the wave of energy this boot camp has to offer, then this program is not to be missed.

You deserve to be happy, you deserve to be out of a funk, and you deserve to live your greatest life ever...and now you get your chance, and nearly free.

We will truly help you to shine bright!!!

WOO HOO!!!!!

Michael Sandler

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Over 7 Hours of Coaching with Michael Sandler!

We'll cover one key topic a day, strategically designed to build momentum and get you out of a funk fast. In each class we'll have exercises to raise your vibration, identify and move past funky, stuck emotions, and to help you quiet the mind.

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Daily Step-by-Step Program

Each day we'll have a targeted topic to help you recognize your funk, get to know your funk, and learn how to release your funk. 

Step by step, WITHOUT being overwhelmed you'll learn how to uncover what's going on and simply, yet effectively, release yourself from the negativity or negative energy that's been holding you back.

And we'll be going through it together, so you can ask your questions and get answers fast...so you can release that funk, in the fastest, least-energy-expenditure fashion possible. 

And you'll surf the wave of energy of the group, which helps raise your vibration 10x as fast, and help you boost your positivity to the moon...and beyond!!!

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Daily Guided Meditation

Each day I'll end class with a guided meditation.

These meditations are designed to:

a. Calm and quiet the mind

b. Help you release negative, trapped emotions

c. Help you get in a more positive state.

d. Find greater heart coherence

e. Help you to sleep better

F. Put you in a state of bliss, for better days ahead!


Just 7 Days to Completely Transform Your Life

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity. We call it boot camp, because it's for people who are ready for massive change now!

The Open Hearted Warrior Bootcamp Level 1: Get Out of a Funk FAST! includes daily exercises to raise your vibration to the max; tools to increase your awareness, catch negative thoughts and rewire your subconscious; daily meditation and routines to make it super-simple to get in a higher vibrational state and more!