November 2020 Theme:
Finding Stability in Unstable Times

I am so excited to announce our next bootcamp - perhaps our MOST IMPORTANT ever.

It's "Finding Stability in Unstable Times."
We'll meet for the next 4 Wednesdays, immediately following the US election. We'll help you get centered, get grounded, and breathe easier during these exceptional times.
We'll do powerful group clearing work to move past any new or old wounds that may come up, do powerful group intention work, & help you to leap past subconscious worries and fears that are keeping you spun and ungrounded. 
This 4 day, once-a-week intensive will help you feel better, get more grounded, and be in the most positive place you can, not to weather the storm, but to use the energy all around, for greatness in your life.
So let's get you incredibly stable, especially during these unstable times!
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Try out your 1st month of Open Hearted Warrior bootcamps for only $7!

The next Open Hearted Warrior Bootcamp
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Become the eye of the storm and cultivate inner peace during a time of uncertainty & instability.

When there's "crazy" energy all around,  it's easy to feel dis-empowered.

The good news is you can transmute this energy, ground and become the most centered, peaceful being you've ever been. It's why we're calling this next bootcamp "Finding Stability in Unstable Times".

For when we come together as a group, with the intention of harnessing the energy, you can actually use it for incredible good.

You can transform this energy, and allow it to transform you, taking back your power, putting you back in the driver's seat, and truly helping you to uplevel your life.

We’ll do energetic clearings, we’ll work on positive reframing, and most of all, we’ll help you get anchored for whatever’s coming next. Consider this the bootcamp you need to get you through this “exciting” time.

So come join all of your bootcamp friends and family, for an incredible special, empowering, grounding, heart-warming and inspiring bootcamp ahead!

Open Hearted Warrior bootcamp is an on-going weekly series.

Each week, we hold one live bootcamp, guaranteed to help you feel better, and up-level your life.

Try it out for only $7 for your first month!

Then only pay $21/month The price is going up to $28/month, but you'll lock in the lower price for life!

And of course, you can cancel any time.

YES! Sign me up for just $7!

Hello Bright and Shiny Beacon of Light!

It's no exaggeration when I say each of our bootcamps is chockfull of useful tools, technique and wisdom. 

Truth is the internet is full of teachers offering a myriad of tools to help you along your path.

Myself, I've interviewed thousands of guests and read just as many books. I could speak 24/7 for an entire year or more on the knowledge I've gained. But I know that's not what you want or need, so it's not what I'm offering you. Frankly, you'd be overwhelmed!

What the vast majority of teachers can't offer you is our energy. When you join our bootcamps, we are carrying you to an elevated vibrational state for 75 minutes, once per week--4 weeks per month.

It's not just about you matching our vibration, or even the transmissions that you'll receive. It's the work that we do together as a group during each class. It's the group EFT tapping sessions, the group energetic clearings, the group intention meditations and more. 

We all benefit when we come together as a group. This is how we shift as a collective. How we move towards oneness consciousness.

You'll feel lighter, happier, more resilient and empowered to step forward and make a difference in your own life or others.

What you're buying isn't just another bell and whistle. You're receiving is an energetic state change. If we were to charge the full value of that, only multimillionaires and billionaires could afford it. 

We send so much love your way, and can’t wait to “see” you there.

Keep on shining bright!!!!

Michael, Jessica and your newfound family (Yes, that means Sir Meowsers and RooRoo, too)

Make me a master of my subconscious mind!

Each month get access to one Live Bootcamp,
plus all pre-recorded bootcamps!

We'll meet once a week for 75 minutes straight, where we'll focus on specific techniques to dive into and heal the heart--and rewire your mind. That's 5 to 6 hours of high-energy, feel-good, heart-warming content for only $7 for the first month!

If you only make it to one class live, you've already gotten way more than your money's worth!

Try out my 1st bootcamp for ONLY $7

Schedule of Upcoming Bootcamps

Bootcamps take place Wednesdays at 8:30pm EDT, 7:30pm CDT, 6:30pm MDT, 5:30pm PDT. Dates and topics are subject to change.

  • November 2020: Bootcamp #10: Finding Stability in Unstable Times
  • December 2020: Bootcamp #11: Connect with Your Spirit Guides


Library of Past Bootcamps

When you sign up for your Open Hearted Warrior Bootcamp Pass you also get access to a growing library of pre-recorded bootcamps, each on a different theme.

  • Bootcamp #1: Get out of a Funk Fast!
  • Bootcamp #2: Rewire for Positivity
  • Bootcamp #3: Find Your Happy
  • Bootcamp #4: Overcome Subsconscious Blocks
  • Bootcamp #5: Visualize Your Future into Reality
  • Bootcamp #6: Ground & Recharge 
  • Bootcamp #7: Find Comfort in the Chaos
  • Bootcamp #8: Rise from the Ashes
  • Bootcamp #9: Break Down to Break Through

Plus, 2 additional bonus EFT tapping bootcamps!

  • Tapping Bootcamp #1: Remove Money Blocks
  • Tapping Bootcamp #2: Transmute Fear into Positivity

Here's what you get:

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Over 6 Hours of Live Coaching with Michael Sandler!

We'll cover one key topic a week, strategically designed to remove the subconscious blocks that keep you stuck or slow your down.

You'll be able to ask and get your questions answered, live--in essence, it's like group coaching, but at a fraction of the price (it's usually 100x or more the cost!)


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Daily Step-by-Step Program

It's all-too-easy to be completely overwhelmed by self-help tools, books and programs. What do I do when? In what order? And how do I do it without any set structure or format to follow (aka, when I'm locked at home!)

Here you'll get the structure, guidance, and formula you need to catch your subconscious blocks without becoming overwhelmed.

It's like I'm right there with you hand-in-hand, answering your questions, helping guide you, being the amazing accountability partner you've always wanted, and there to help dust you off if you need it, too!


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Daily Group-Intention Meditations

These meditations are incredibly powerful...10x, even 100x or more regular meditations, because we're harnessing the power of the group.

Group meditations have been scientifically proven to change your energetic state, quiet your mind, and help permanently change your brain-wave patterns. In essence hard-wiring in positivity.

And as Lynne McTaggart showed with her "Power of *" meditations, group-intentions have the ability to shift our lives, the planet, and literally create miracles!!!

And you will leave feeling incredible: blissed out, at peace, completely re-invigorated, and with your fear left behind!!

Each day we'll end class with guided meditations--live with me.

As if that wasn't enough,
you also get these Bonuses!

(ALL of this for less than $1/day?! YES!!!)

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Guided EFT Tapping Sessions and Energy Transmissions

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It uses tapping with your fingers on specific acupressure points on your body to release trapped emotions, such as fear and anxiety that keep you stuck. It may sound like voodoo, but there's actually science behind it! (At least the first part... read on.)

Michael always finishes his EFT tapping sessions with an energetic transmission to take you to an elevated emotional state.

Once you experience it for the first time, you'll be shocked and amazed by how much better you feel! 

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Group Energetic Clearings

Michael has developed a technique for clearing trapped emotional wounds, traumas and blocks from both current events and historical events that have been trapped in collective consciousness.

With assistance from Archangels, ascended masters and the intentions of the group, Michael releases these stuck emotions from all participants. 

Again, it might sound like hocus pocus, but more often than not participants report feeling lighter and freer!

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Private Facebook Community

You'll join Michael, Jessica, and like minded friends as you share, grow, and encourage each other on. You'll have a "home" where you can ask your questions, see how others are doing, and bounce ideas off of each other.

Most importantly, you'll have a place where others understand what you're going through, "get you" and are going through similar experiences.

It's like getting together with like minded souls...but without the social distancing!

Reserve my spot now!

Glowing Responses from Open Hearted Warriors

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Christie Fisher

I am loving this warrior boot camp so much!! I saw it in my inbox the day before it started and felt that impulse of joy to take it. I cannot tell u how much it has already helped me.  You have reconnected me to love, to my love for me, to really focusing on sharing my love much more consciously w/ others. Oh it’s just so beautiful. All of the gorgeous tools u have given have been life changing reminders for me!!!!

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Terri R.

Micheal, let me express my gratitude to you first!!! I loved our first lesson in the boot camp series. You gave so much information with a powerful meditation at the end. This is my first time signing up for one of your events. What a great investment!! I already started the exercises I am looking forward to Day 2!

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Amen Zemichael

Michael my heart is full listening to you answering my questions. I think I am starting to see my life purpose going in the right direction. The guidance you give to each and everyone of us is helping us as a collective. Michael and Jessica, I can’t thank you enough. I’m just lucky to know you guys and to experience this amazing time. God bless you. Love you very much!!!!!

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Open Hearted Warrior Basic Pass

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  • All LIVE Open Hearted Warrior Bootcamps,
  • Access to ever-growing library of pre-recorded bootcamps
  • Access to the Open Hearted Warriors Private Facebook Community
  • Access to additional fun and inspiring monthly  programming 
  • Email support
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