Tapping Bootcamp to Reduce Fear & Anxiety and Remove Blocks to Abundance!

It's all-too-easy to allow your worries and concerns about money get you down, anxious, overwhelmed or just plain paralyzed with fear.

Thankfully, tapping is s a very simple solution to releasing your fear and anxiety when it comes to money!

Through this PRE-RECORDED tapping bootcamp, you'll free yourself of these dis-empowering emotions and limiting beliefs. And you'll replace non-productive thoughts, with empowering, positive thoughts! When you do this, you're enabling yourself to be proactive, make better decisions and welcome in the abundance!


5 (1-HR) Pre-Recorded Guided Tapping Classes for ONLY 7 dollars!

That's 5 hours of content! This is a high energy class designed to create a lasting positive state change FAST! That's why it's called a bootcamp! If you want more abundance and freedom in your life, the first step is releasing the emotions and thoughts that keep you stuck!

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The Tapping Bootcamp includes 5 pre-recorded classes. Each class covers:

  1. A brief explanation of each tapping script
  2. 1-2 rounds of tapping to release subconscious blocks
  3. 1 round of tapping for reprogramming, or imprinting positive beliefs in your subconscious
  4. A guided meditation

Each class there'll be a brief explanation on what we're going to tap on and why.

This will be your only chance to participate life--and did I mention, it's NEARLY free! Just 7 dollars for 5 days (or just over 1 dollar per day)!

These tapping sessions are designed to:

  1. Eliminate worries and fear
  2. Remove blocks to money & abundance
  3. Help you get in a more positive state.
  4. Reprogram your mind for happiness and success
  5. Motivate you to take action
  6. Help you get the Midas touch!
  7. Help you attract greatness into your life!!!

Hello Bright and Shiny Beacon of Light!

In this Tapping Bootcamp to Remove Money Blocks, you'll learn how to work on all the limiting beliefs and blocks that are holding you back and keeping you from wealth and abundance. 

And the amazing thing is, when we remove these blocks, you feel lighter, more energized and happier too!

Why? Because we're playing with energy!!!

Each class lasts appx 1 hour and will leave you feeling on-fire and ready for whatever comes next–and on your way to becoming a powerful attraction magnet!!!

What have you got to lose? Let me help you rewire your mind for abundance!

So come join us for this special, amazing, one-of-a-kind event to help you attract in goodness, wealth, prosperity and more into your life!!!

I can't wait to truly help you to shine bright!!!

WOO HOO!!!!!

Michael Sandler

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5 Days of Live Tapping with    Michael Sandler!

We'll cover 1-2 key subconscious block each day, strategically designed to build momentum to overcome your abundance challenges fast. Then we'll follow up with 1 round of tapping designed to imprint positive beliefs in your subconscious!

In each class we'll explain the day's strategy, show you how to ferret out your blocks, and then tap them away.

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Day-by-Day Tapping Program

It's like I'm right there with you holding your hand for the next 5 days.

Each day we'll have a targeted topic to help you move past your blocks to abundance, success, and happiness--which are all inter-related. 

Step by step, WITHOUT being overwhelmed we'll work together to release your blocks and give you the tools to do it fast and effectively at home as well! 

And we'll be going through it together, so you can ask your questions and get answers fast...so you can release those blocks, in the fastest, least-energy-expenditure fashion possible. 

And you'll surf the wave of energy of the group, which helps raise your vibration 10x as fast, and help you blast past your blocks and remove them for good!!!

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Guided Meditations

These guided meditations are designed to grow your inner light and to beam it out for the world.

This amazing practice, also known as meta meditation, actually benefits you just as much as it benefits all of those you share your light and love with!

Watch as the miracles start to appear in your life!

Tapping Bootcamp to Release Money Blocks

$7.00 USD

Just 5 Classes to Instantly Bring Peace & Calm into your Life, Plus Transform Your Relationship with Money

We call it bootcamp, because it's for people who are ready for massive change now!

The Tapping Bootcamp to Remove Money Blocks! includes 5 tapping classes which we encourage you to replay again and again, like you would a guided meditation; basic guidelines on how to use tapping for various situations, and daily assignments to make the most out of your new tapping practice.