Calling all Modern Mystics

Discover the Hidden Power Within You!

See beyond your eyes, hear beyond your ears, and learn how to know beyond the known! 



A Coaching System for the Modern Mystic


Awaken Beyond the Senses

See beyond the veil and discover a world you could never see before, and a YOU far more powerful than you ever dared to dream!


Let Go of Old Patterns 

It's time for a software update:)  Move beyond limiting beliefs, unhelpful patterns and outdated programming by increasing your level of beingness.   


Increase Your Capacity 

You are gifted beyond your wildest dreams!  Begin transforming your life by infusing magic, divine guidance and creative inspiration into each and every moment.   


Practice, Practice, Practice

Now it's time to integrate your new way of being by giving life your full attention, embracing each moment with an open heart and remaining still even within the movement. 

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Is This For Me?

Maybe you are searching for a way to honor, express, and cultivate your intuitive spiritual gifts...

Or maybe you are dedicated to being an uplifting, compassionate, and radiant presence in this world...

Either way, this monthly program is designed to give you the practical tools and heartfelt guidance necessary for not just surviving... but thriving as a Modern Mystic.

It's My Time To Shine!

Live on Both Sides of the Veil... 

  • Learn tangible techniques for connecting with spirit, engaging with creativity, and manifesting a new reality.
  • Receive intuitive guidance for activating spiritual gifts, channeling ancient wisdom, and healing energetic blocks. 
  •  Connect with a thriving community of like-minded students, who are dedicated to walking the same path as you are.
Yes Please!!!

From my Heart to Yours...

After spending over a decade coaching thousands of gifted and successful students... I've come to learn that EVERYONE is infinitely more gifted than they could possibly imagine. 

Which is exactly why I created the School of Mystics. To assist you in the process of realizing your own blinding brilliance, manifesting your souls' wildest dreams, and unlocking the hidden potential of an open heart.

So buckle up, because you are about to embark on a dazzling adventure into the ethereal realms of magic, Angels, spirituality, and so much more...

And you my friend, are about to become a Modern Mystic. 

- Michael, Jessica, And Roo
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  • A container of loving kindness... inviting you to exhale, relax and unravel into a state of effortless being
  • An easy to follow intuitive roadmap... gently guiding you in the direction of healing and wholeness 
  • A loving community of magical souls, just like you... cheering you on and lifting you up every step of the way 



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What's Included...


#1Laser Coaching & Intuitive Teachings     

Intuitively channeled, and immediately actionable teachings delivered four Wednesdays a month (new theme each month) + live Q&A sessions for personalized, laser coaching 


#2Archive of Intuitive Wisdom 

Gain access to our incredibly popular Open-Hearted Warrior Bootcamp (over 36 hours of content) + enjoy ALL previous sessions of School of Mystics recordings.


#3Thriving Community of Modern Mystics 

Join our highly-engaged and supportive community (private Facebook group) of magical souls... just like you!  Make friends, bear witness, share wins and losses, get feedback, and more... 

The Result? 

A personalized roadmap guiding you into the deep waters of intuitive gifts, creative expression and joyful manifestation.  


Easy-to-implement tools and practices designed to lovingly support your journey of self-discovery and life path alignment.  

How I Support You


Angels, and Spirits, and Guides... Oh My!

Classes are intuitively channeled and lovingly adapted from the legions of supportive energies that are guiding the natural evolution of your soul. 


Mystically Informed

Drawing on esoteric traditions and leading experts from around the world... each class is a deep dive into the most relevant and transformational practices I've ever encountered.  


Playful and Down-to-Earth

Who says that spirituality can't be fun!?  Get ready to feel creative and joyful because all of my classes include a healthy dash of whimsy and sunshine :)

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Are you ready?

Join the Magical World of Modern Mysticism

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Yes! A 100% Money Back Guarantee

This product has a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied we will refund your money. ** Refunds must be requested in writing within this refund period.

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