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Access Your Inner Wisdom

Welcome to The Automatic Writing Experience - The Most Revolutionary, life-changing tool to help you tap into your inner-wisdom. You'll quickly get answers to your most pressing questions from how to get unstuck, where to go in life, and even how to heal your unconscious wounds.


What You Gain from Automatic Writing

The Automatic Writing Experience (AWE) is like a direct line to your inner wisdom, or “higher self”, the part of you that always has answers, but is often hard to hear!

Some call it a small still voice, others angels, and others still, your guides. Whichever you choose, when you dive into AWE, a process similar, though radically different than journaling, you’ll hear this infinite wisdom any time you want!!!

And with practice, the voice inside you grows louder and clearer, until you can hear your highest wisdom without even needing to put pen to paper. Imagine being able to ask the highest version of yourself for guidance, anytime, even in the most stressful of situations!

3 Ways How Automatic Writing Elevates Your Life!

Feel Better Fast! Automatic Writing helps you get un-stuck, raise your vibration & start attracting miracles into your life!

#1 Get Unstuck

As you put pen to paper, you’ll find out why you’re stuck, what you need to know, and where to point your ship. In essence, you’ll discover your purpose, path, and direction in life--and how to step forward.

#2 Raise Your Vibration

Imagine being able to get out of a funk, and find your peace and joy, almost at a drop of the hat. Through AWE you’ll discover why you’re down, what it means, and how to return to a happier state, fast!

#3 Attract What You Desire

When you set intention through AWE, you take your manifestation skills and Law of Attraction practice to an entirely new level! Prepare to attract almost whatever you desire!!! 

#1: Automatic Writing Helps You Get Unstuck

1) Discover Your Purpose, Path & Direction

2) Heal Deeply Rooted Emotional Wounds

3) Stop Repeating Patterns That Don't Serve You

4) Make Better Decisions, Plan Your Days & Feel Confident

#2: Automatic Writing Raises Your Vibration

1) Purge Negativity & Rewire Your Mind for Positivity

2) Understand Why Experiences Occur in Your Life

3) View Relationships as Opportunities to Grow & Expand

4) Feel More Energized, Supported & Loved

#3: Automatic Writing Helps You Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

1) Get Answers to Your Prayers & Biggest Questions

2) Reprogram Your Subconscious & Move Past Blocks

3) Attract Unexpected Opportunities, Miracles & Abundance

Why I'm So Passionate About Automatic Writing

I created this program because automatic writing literally transformed my life. It guided me in launching Inspire Nation Show, it helped me take better care of my Pookie (aka my wife, Jessica) and it helped me heal some pretty big wounds from early on in life. The guidance, support and love you need to make massive change in your life is literally at your finger tips, whether it's coming through a keyboard or pen-to-paper. A Higher Intelligence is just waiting for you to take the plunge. "They" in tandem with your "Higher Self" have so much to tell you and so much love to share.


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What You Get Inside the Automatic Writing Experience

We’ll show you everything you need to know succeed at getting the guidance you need to raise your vibration, get unstuck and manifest the life of your dreams!


Setting Up Your Environment

Learn the best ways to set up your environment (from your cushion, room, journal and more) to quiet your mind, connect with your inner-wisdom and call in answers fast.


Using Rituals with Invocation & Prayer

Learn exactly what to say and when, to call in assistance and get the answers your looking for fast, through the most efficient prayers, statements, and powerful rituals!


Starting the Dialogue with Your Inner Guides

Through AWE you develop a dialogue and relationship with your inner wisdom or guides. Learn how to begin this communication, what to say, and how to say it, to get the fastest, clearest communication, guidance and answers. And how to discern what's coming from you, or from your ego--and even what to do when EGO is speaking loud and clear.




Sometimes the answers just aren't coming. In our trouble-shooting section you'll quickly find out why, what to do about it, and ways to take your automatic writing to an entirely new level. Think of troubleshooting truly as opportunity in disguise and with this section it'll turn into a huge positive!


Use Automatic Writing to Get Unstuck

Learn how to directly ask why you're stuck, what you get to learn, and the fastest ways to get unstuck fast. There's a spiritual or inner-solution to everything, and when you tap in through AWE you'll learn how to go from idle to high gear, AND in the direction you want to go...aka you'll find your purpose and path!!!


Raise Your Vibration with Automatic Writing

If you want greater happiness, manifestation, and synchronicity in your life, then you want to vibrate at the highest state you can! Through AWE you'll learn how to drop the negativity and negative thoughts fast, and train your mind to become a positivity junkie. You'll not only attract more positive events into your life, but positive people too--and greater abundance!!!


The Law of Attraction & Automatic Writing for Manifestation

Become an alchemist and learn how to work on the other side of the "veil". In AWE, you'll discover how to work in the "hypnagogic" state, or the half-here, half-not here state where you can create in the shortest time possible. It's where the likes of Thomas Edison, Salvador Dali, and many of the greats have pulled genius, and manifestation, almost out of thin air. Through AWE, in this state, you'll have the most succession manifestations ever!


Automatic Writing for Channeling, Mediumship & Tapping into Higher Consciousness

Learn how to tap into Source, Archangels, and even your guides as you dive deep into AWE. Many who have completed AWE have literally gone on to careers as channelers. The more you dive into AWE the clearer your connection, the louder your inner-wisdom becomes, and the more clearly you can target and hear from individuals, spirits, and guides (and even lost loved ones) on the other side. You don't need a shaman, a medium, or even a particular religious belief, just practice, and you too will be communicating with the "other side".

Start Getting Guidance at Your Fingertips!

Get Access To AWE-SOME Bonuses

Here are three amazing bonuses you get for free if you sign up today!


Theta Brainwave Entrainment Music for Automatic Writing

Theta brain entrainment music helps you get into the most creative, plugged in state quickly to communicate with your inner-wisdom or guides. You'll find a generous collection of binaural beat, theta brain entrainment music to help block out distractions, plug in fast, and get in the most powerful brainwave state for AWE. Flip on the music, and you'll quickly find yourself in a monk-like state...perfect for AWE!


Delta Brainwave Entrainment Music for Better Sleep

Not only will you get theta brainwave entrainment music to help you plug in fast, but bonus delta brainwave entrainment music pieces to help you fall asleep with ease. The easier we sleep, the more rested and relaxed we are through the day, and the easier it is to dive into your AWE practice (often done early in the morning or late at night). This music will help you sleep faster and wake more rested and refreshed. Ahhhhh.  


Guided Meditations to Prepare Your Mind for Automatic Writing

Learn how to quiet the mind fast! To dive into AWE, and here your inner wisdom, it helps to have a quiet mind. But often, that's very challenging today. However, you don't need to be a monk, guru or sage to discover the inner peace to dive in fast. Instead you'll be armed with the simplest, easiest meditations possible to still the mind, and dive into AWE!

Take Advantage of These Bonuses & More!

And We've Included More!


Get Special Access to Michael in Private Group Calls!

In these calls you'll be able to ask your questions directly to Michael, PLUS here from others who have similar questions to you. In this way you can troubleshoot any challenges, discover how to go deeper fast, and how to take your AWE practice to an entirely new level!


Meet AWE-some like-minded individuals!

The Automatic Writing Experience is on SALE!

For a limited time only!

Normally $397. Now only $67! That's over 80% OFF! Take advantage of this offer before time runs out!

This is the #1 Tool I teach all of my coaching clients and now I’m jam-packing it with even more content and bonuses! Discover how quick and easy it is to tap into your inner wisdom for guidance and direction. Step by step you'll be guided through the process and become an expert at tuning in. Plus you'll get pro-tips for overcoming obstacles, along with exclusive access to LIVE Calls with me and a Private Facebook Group. You’ll have all the knowledge, answers and support you need to help you on your way!


In summary, here's what's included in the program:

  1. Over 40 Videos breaking things down to the simplest steps possible

  2. 8 Modules to walk you step-by-step through the process!

  3. Exclusive Q&A Live Calls with Michael  

  4. Access to a Private Facebook Group with like-minded AWE-some people

  5. Lifetime Access to the course & we'll keep adding new material!

  6. Email support 

  7. Big Discounts on future Inspire Nation University courses!.

Plus, Bonuses!

  1. Theta Brain entrainment binaural beat music to help you get in the zone and dive deep fast!

  2. Delta brainwave entrainment music to help you get a better night's sleep.

  3. Guided meditations to help you quiet your mind and get centered.

  4. Extra bonus videos, practices & exercises to help you to shine bright!
Tap into Your Inner Wisdom Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Actually, you don’t have to be a writer at can even HATE writing and still be awesome at automatic writing. Why? Because the writing isn’t coming from your thinking mind, but from your connection to somewhere deeper--and anyone can get there, whether you love writing, hate writing, or have sworn off writing for life.

Perfect! You don’t need to believe in anything to do automatic writing. The wisdom you get in AWE comes from that still small voice that’s inside each one of us. It’s the voice that tells us to turn the car at the last second, just before an accident; it’s the voice that tells you NOT to go down that dark alley; and it’s that voice that knows who’s calling you, before you even pick up the phone. We all have this inner wisdom, AWE just helps you to crank it up so you can hear it more clearly

Almost immediately, you’re able to tell whether it’s coming from your inner wisdom or your thinking mind, and with practice, you’re able to crank up that connection to the max. The more interesting question isn’t how can I tell (because that part will be easy) but what do I do when my ego tries to jump in and steal the show. And that’s the awesome thing with AWE, when your ego, or thinking mind dives in, it’s the perfect opportunity to heal wounds, and blocks, and to get out emotions stuck inside of you that are causing you to repeat negative patterns. In other words, the more that comes up, the better!

Not at all!!! AWE is designed to put you in the most sacred, high-vibrational place possible, where you can connect with the highest vibration possible.

If you’re not spiritual, this means simply your inner wisdom, and nothing to worry about there.

If you’re into angels and the like, then you’re calling in the highest guidance out there, while surrounded by love and light!

Need Proof? How Automatic Writing Has Guided & Uplifted AWE-Some People

"AWE has helped me with things I could not see myself, overcoming issues and understanding situations in a better way, as an observer! it's the best tool I could have wished for to help me take a more kind and gentle approach to life in general and build momentum and stamina towards my future goals, this help is extraordinary, I am very grateful, thank you Michael, this is amazing! "

Emilien R
Adventure Travel Enthusiast

"Automatic writing has given me guidance and reassurance in my personal and professional life. It grounds me and instructs me, cutting through my regular mind chatter. It offers up resources, wisdom and perspectives that I previously didn’t think were accessible to me. It’s been like being able to communicate with a wiser and more intuitive version of myself. "

Tim S
Art Curator

"The main message I get from Automatic Writing is "You are loved, you are loved you are loved." This is always the first message and the one that comes through the clearest. The words I receive are usually there to bring me peace, comfort and awareness. "

Adam C.

"Automatic writing helped me tremendously during my pregnancy. I documented my fears, concerns, changing symptoms, vivid dreams on most days. It helped me navigate the chaos of uncertainty and anchored my experiences. The writing became the window. And it captured the moments of joy I knew could be shadowed by unforeseen circumstances. I have gone back to those written moments of joy, that may have fleeted if I didn’t catch it and write it down. "

Sherri G.
Engineer at Apple

"AWE creates an arena where I can honor the pain, while also accessing a bigger perspective. The process lets a different locus of intelligence communicate, and it has infinite patience. I also feel as if I'm giving the mind permission to express what it already knows, but "I" chose to ignore for various reasons."

Dawn R.
Entrepreneur & Journalist

"Ever since I was a child, spirituality has always meant this ‘third party’ outside of me who holds all the power and all the answers, but through my journey I am starting to find that, in part, I am this, and automatic writing has served as my introductory course to this profound life lesson.
The purpose of automatic writing was not a way for me to get all the right answers from some mystical figure from up above. It is a way for me to get answers from deep within me, by shutting off the noise and understanding how I really feel."

Charlene B

"Automatic writing was the key to connecting me back to Spirit and to my Spiritual Team and then being able to begin working with other people's Spiritual Teams and share that with them! In fact, I would say automatic writing was the gateway to opening my channeling abilities, which are a foundational piece of my business! "

Deena A
Spiritual Coach

"[Marijana unexpectedly received 2 job promotions in the same year.]

The common theme was that I was exactly where I was supposed to be, that things are happening exactly as they were supposed to, and to trust my intuition and my psychic abilities. Actually the words "intuition" and "psychic" were being repeated over and over, and that was certainly new for me, but exactly what I needed to hear. So, it was a combination of automatic writing, prayer and following my intuition, which brought me to where I am today. I do feel very strongly that I am where I am supposed to be right now. "

Marijana J
Senior Engineer Manager

"Through automatic writing I was able to find clarity in my life, focus my jumbled thoughts, and quickly work through emotional issues. As a person who is constantly cooking up new ideas and has my hands in many pots, the use of automatic writing and list building has been a great way for me to reduce my anxiety and stay on task. I am now able to be laser-focused and achieve more in a day than ever before. And not to mention, I am happier than I have ever been. This practice allows me to clearly think through dilemmas, shrug off dramas, keep calm, be happy and stay goal-oriented. "

Rita C Manna
Landscape Architect & Aspiring Film Maker

"Automatic writing has been a game changer for me. I especially have found it helpful when I’ve had big decisions to make. For example, earlier in the year, when I had a new job opportunity laid out in front of me that I was very indecisive about, I really dove into the automatic writing and it was amazing how after a few days of this, the clarity to make the decision to accept the job opportunity came naturally. The interesting thing is that my initial reaction to this opportunity was to decline. However, I accepted and this has led to many other great opportunities. This is just one example of how it’s helped me. "

Martin A
National Dressage Champion & Coach

"Automatic writing has set me free from unforgiveness that I didn’t realize I had toward my late mom and myself! The groundedness and opening up the floodgates of my heart has happened through automatic writing showing me areas of my life to align with the legacy I want to leave here on earth - a legacy of Love! This has helped me in working through relationships to a place of flourishing in my relationships and walking through this process of life knowing I am on a journey. Automatic writing helps me enjoy the journey adding a spice of excitement to my morning to start the day. It has Awakened my heart! "

Mary H
Health Care Professional

"Overall, Awe seems to set the tone for the day- a friendly, warm compassionate conversation that seems to always be reminding me of my gifts to share with the world. It helps to remind me of the true priorities of my life, I am a spiritual being here on this earth to live, learn, and love, all while shining as brightly as I can. In addition, it seems to bring me divine synchronicities - for example, the messages I write on the day will be repeated back to me by a stranger. "

Veronica G

"Automatic Writing has helped show me my capacities are much greater than I previously thought. And by putting it down on paper I start to believe I can do much more than I thought, such as finally pursuing dreams I’ve long wished for. It has also helped me a lot in reaching my goals of leading a more balanced life."

Robert N

"Automatic Writing helped me focus on what path to take both daily and long term. I found some crazy wonderful insights come to me in my writing that I didn’t know I could access. It’s like having a spiritual coach with you at all times. "

Lauren Walker
Adventure Destination Manager

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